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Album - Saint Vincent

Michael Veira Catherine Veira two of Jeromes siblings  
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Maddie, 21/06/2007 03:40:11   
I have just discovered the Veira web site. I am the only daughter of Michael Veira who was born to John Veira and Mary Da Silva in 1904 in St. Vincent. I am anxious to fill you in on what I know and to contact any family. My father died in 1991 in New Jersey at the age of 87. He was married in 1938 to Angela Pomponio in New York City. I am living in New Jersey and my name is Madeline Veira Attanasio and I have four sons and six grandchildren. I am in touch with my fathers brother Dillon's family. I have pictures of my father's father John Veira.
Jules, 21/06/2007 09:51:02   
Jerome is my great grand father. I think you are a great -Aunt to me. But I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong!
Jules, 21/06/2007 09:51:22   
That last message was to Maddie!
Judy V, 22/06/2007 20:03:42   
Jules, Maddie is your cousin. Her father and your great-grandfather (Jerome) were brothers. That means that she's a first cousin of your grandfather (Jim), your Dad's first cousin once-removed and finally your first cousin twice-removed. Got it?
popsy, 23/06/2007 22:54:47   
Maddie, how wonderful to get to know you!!!and you have made my day with the news that you have a photo of John veira!!!! we will have to get a look at it. By the way i am Simeon and i am the son of James veira and his father was Jerome veira.
Jules, 23/06/2007 23:29:02   
Thanks Judy! I knew I got into a tangle and got it wrong!!