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Album - Saint Vincent

Jerome with his second wife Agatha  
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Sim, sometime before march 2003   
I would still like to know who the people standing behind the groom and bride,(Jerome and Agatha) does anyone know?
Peggy Gibson-Arnold, 23/10/2004 00:57:04   
The people standing in the back is Joseph Gibson, Brenetta Gibson,Morris Marshall but I do not know the other lady.
Sim, 25/10/2004 08:10:41   
Could it be Catherine? or Rita?
Judy, 01/11/2004 17:16:04   
Roy where did your Mom come from? Dorsetshire Hill, Lowmans? Pretty interesting here. My great-grandmother was a Gibson, was there a connection? Truth is with such a small island, there probably is a connection. How many of the family married Gibsons? Aunty Baby did too.
Roy, 02/11/2004 02:37:06   
Hi Judy, My Mom was born in Lowman's Hill,her Father's name was Percy Gibson,her Mother's maiden name was Adina (dubbed Dina)Murphy.I'm not sure if her Father Percy was related to your Great Grandmother,but my Dad and your Mom's Dad grewup together,my Dad grewup in Canehall Mountain,I believe it's on the west side of the Airport.As a matter of fact your mother and her sibblings used to refer to my Dad as Uncle Natty.By strange coincidence my Mom was born a gibson, and married a Murphy, her Mom (my grandmother)was born a Murphy and was married to a Gibson).My grandFather( Percy Gibson's)GrandFather Immigrated from Barbados,as was most of the middle-clas White Folks,thus the local folks use to refer to us as Badians(short for Barbadians).My GrandFather Percy Gibson worked as a self-taught Veterinarian when he was a young man,but soon got tired of working for the Estate, and left the area and went to Lowman's hill, where he promptly bought some property, and got married, and started his Family, and that's why we were all(my sibblings and I)born and raised in Lowman's hill.It's nice to hear from you,I wish I knew more about the older folks, but they didn't volunteer very much information.We're are glad that you folks survived all those hurricanes, thank GOD for his protection during those stressful times.We send our LOVE as a Family to you and your Family, God bless you one and all, cousin, Roy.
uncle jonney, 17/04/2005 22:53:41   
I have just discovered the above. Has it occured to any one that the lady behind might have been Morris Marshall's wife Mamie! Mamie was the daughter of Aunt Lory and sister to my mother. On the other hand I might be wrong!!!
uncle jonney, 25/04/2005 11:55:30   
Looking again at Roy's comments of 2/11/04 It seems to me that all the Gibsons, Murphys, Moffords, in fact all the whites and half whites ofDorsetshires Hilll, Lowman's Hill and much more are related to each other. Every time I visit St.Vincent almost everyone I meet tells me we are related and it's such a joy to meet someone whom I never knew saying to we are related. I didn't mention the Veiras and the Dabroes and the McCleans the Medfords and the Cumberbatches so one could go on and on. Wouldn't it be wonderful if were to all meet in Heaven ons day? Roy, can you tell me a little more about yourself and did you know me? I cannot recall knowing you!. Jonathan Veira known in older circles as Jonney Veira, brother to Peter David Doc and Jim.
Rosey, 02/05/2005 21:12:38   
Uncle Jonney. Roy is Uncle Natty' and aunt Olive'son that makes you if I could calculate family first cousins. Nice to see you on the board. Hope you can keep up with the happenings here.
Roymurphy, 04/05/2005 03:17:26   
Hi Jonney,Rosey is correct, we are indeed first cousins. I'm the third Son,the fourth child in The Family of Nathaniel and Olive Murphy,Youland being the first.I was born in Lowman's Hill,we went to the Gospel Hall Sunday School in Kingstown,when it wasn't raining.Yes I remember you,a handsome Young Man, with black, Ravenlike hair,courting a tall beautiful young Lady,bearing the name Elaine King.I believe you were the youngest in your Family,and dare I say perhaps, the most handsome? I might get an arguement from Rosey. I was led to the Lord by your Brother, Cousin Jim,in July of 1960, during a Special Series of Meeting, held in the Gospel Hall,I believe Sim Veira was saved that same night also,now you know who I am and where I'm going. God Bless you all,til next time,Cousin Roy.
Rosey, 12/05/2005 00:09:09   
Come on Roy I'm not going to say anything but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. All VEIRA men are very handsome, especially my DAD. Got ya, no hard feelings guys but I have to big up my Dad. Uncle Jonnie you are also very handsome. Roy started it. lol
Roymurphy, 13/05/2005 02:50:23   
Hey Rosey, I can always count on you to bring a little spice to the board.Don't forget that the Veira men are half Murphy,there are distinct features that are common to Veiras and Murphys. When your Dad visited Canada in 1990,I went to see him at Westley's Home,he was out walking, so I went to find him,I knew him when I saw him, but before I could introduce myself, he knew that I was Uncle Natty's Son,he remarked that I could run, but I couldn't hide,in his opinion I have that distinct Murphy feature.We're looking forward to seeing Merlene and her Daughter this Summer.Give our love to the whole Family,God Bless.
uncle jonney, 31/07/2005 23:24:51   
Well Rosey and roy I can see you both enjoy a bit of banter! I just happen to open the Veira web site and found my Dad'd photo when he was married for the second time and found your wrestling match as who is or are the most attractive among the Murphys and Veira. I certainly would not consider myself anything as good looking as my brother David of Jim, but you shouldn't be surprised at that as I have always had an inferiority ccomplex when it comes to my looks. But look guys as Rosey said; beauty is in the eye of the beholder as after all real beauty comes from within. And Roy, you are quite handsome if I may say so and going by the pics you sent me recently so are your family. So Roy, Rosey please come back as I just love to read your comments and banters. Just to say again, you are loved by bundles and I am so grateful for you all. I am absolutely thrilled to know that we shall, (one of these days) meet never to part again. Uncle Joney.
Roymurphy, 01/08/2005 04:30:15   
What a Glorious Hope is ours!!Amen Uncle Joney.I remember Rosey when she visited my Parents many years ago,that was before she was married,a petite shy young Lady,so I think we feel quite comfortable jawing with one another.Sorry Rosey I wasn't able to see Merlene this weekend, but will endevour to see her before the Summer is over.God's Blessings on the Whole Family,love to everyone,Cousin Roy.
uncle jonney, 03/08/2005 00:18:44   
You are right, Rosey was very petite. in fact I have a picture of her and her dad and she could not have had a bigger waist line than 10 to 12 inches. Of course that's history. I was a six footer at 23 and was like a stick. I am told that is what marriage does for you! and a good thing too. Love to you all in Canada, St V. and USA. As ever uncle J.
Roymurphy, 06/08/2005 04:09:47   
Hey Rosey,how about a few uptodate photos? It would nice to see some of your Family.Love to the Whole Family, God's Blessings, Cousin Roy.
Roymurphy, 17/10/2005 02:20:50   
Hey Rosey, How are you doing ? How about those promised updated photos ? I'm looking forward to seeing them.Everyone here is doing ok,as far as I know.How are your Parents doing? Give our love to the Whole Family,God's Blessings on you all,til next time, Cousin Roy.
Jules, 18/08/2010 17:11:59   
Has anyone got a photo of great Grandpa Jerome and his first wife my Great Granma Aleitha?
see this user's family tree entry pops, 18/08/2010 19:22:11   
Jools, i have never seen a photo of Grandma Aleitha, someone out there must have one.
see this user's family tree entry pops, 18/08/2010 19:28:38   
Kools, i have to revise what i said about the photos of Aleitha. There is a photo on the website (about four photos away fromm this photo) but it is not just the photo of a couple, but a photo of her family.
see this user's family tree entry pops, 18/08/2010 19:28:40   
Kools, i have to revise what i said about the photos of Aleitha. There is a photo on the website (about four photos away fromm this photo) but it is not just the photo of a couple, but a photo of her family.
Jules, 18/08/2010 20:09:11   
Thanks Dad I wonder if anyone has a stash of old photos somewhere!