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Album - The rest of the world

Nicholas Veira  
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Andrew Arrindell, sometime before march 2003   
Hi Nick what's up nice to see ya.
Rosella, 11/08/2004 14:45:53   
Hi Nick,you turn 16 today. Hope you get all that you are wishing for and a little more. Love Ya.
Rosey, 06/02/2005 00:59:46   
Hi Nick, what's up? It's good to see you but aren't you tired sitting there? It's about time you take a little rest. How's school, hope you are still up there, keep it up, got the car as yet? You are still the handsome one you were from day one. Love Ya
uncle jonney, 13/08/2005 19:59:24   
Here I am again! Whose son is Nicholas? I have a grandson whose name is Nicholas Veira, he is the son of Jonathan Veira junior or should I have said Jonathan and Sue Veira from Surrey E ngland.
Sim, 13/08/2005 22:41:20   
Hey Uncle Jonney, meet your nephew Nicholas veira, have a look at the relationship calculator on the left side of the home page, and type in your details and his and you should be able to sort it out.
merlene, 14/08/2005 03:14:22   
This Nicholas Veira is the son of Wes and Shelia Veira,the grandson of David Veira,He lives in Canada that who he is .
uncle jonney, 20/01/2006 23:29:17   
Thank you Merlene, it took a long time coming but at least I now know the he is my great Nephew. We also have another Nicholas Veira here in England. He is our grandson age 12and a half perhaps 13 (lost count) and he is the son of my son Jonathan and his wife Sue Veira. Hi Nic. Lots of love U .J.