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Album - The rest of the world

Roy Murphy  
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Sim, sometime before march 2003   
This photo was taken in 2002, Roy lives in Canada, i had not seen him since 1960, and i was delighted to see him again, sadly, we had only a short time together but hopefully wewill keep in touch. Roy is the son of Nathaniel Murphy. There is a picture of Nathaniel with his Grandmother Lorie Murphy on the site (Saint Vincent)
Jules, 16/03/2004 14:07:42   
Our cousin Andrew's wife is a Murphy so we have a connection there but I don't know all my brother James resourses!! Dad (Sim) may know!
Ron Murphy, 24/05/2004 04:26:51   
This is my Dad Roy Murphy and his granddaughter (My sister's girl) Emily Mussell.
Roy, 17/12/2004 02:41:10   
Jules,Luann is my cousin Rggie's Daughter,who's the son of my late uncle, John Murphy.That makes her my second cousin.
Sim, 23/12/2004 17:14:10   
Wishing you and the Family a very happy Christmas, and every blessing for the new Year. It has been a really great year of getting to know each other, may it long continue!!.
Roy, 24/12/2004 01:42:52   
Sim the feeling is mutual,thanks for the card and the lovely photo.I've thoroughly enjoyed the last few months on the Family Website,I would like to say thanks to you and the "WEBMASTER" James for allowing me to log on, and get to know you and your Family much better.Allow me to wish you ,Cilla and Family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,The LORD bless you all.