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Album - England

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mariama, 05/11/2004 22:07:27   
Oh my goodess, i know this was you simian, i saw you with your camera at the wedding, and i thought we were friends, enemies now mate! say hello to priscilla for me
sim, 07/11/2004 13:09:58   
Mariama, i could never be your enemy i love you too much!!! i am not too good with the camera and people will keep blinking while i am snapping away!!!.good to see you again.
Angela, 19/11/2004 16:55:30   
Hey Mariama, cheer up Brian saaid this picture makes you look tall. I actually think it's very nice!
mariama, 30/11/2004 22:12:18   
thanks brian!!!! Don't forget to eat or drink anything when you come to mine for dinner.