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Album - England

Angea Latchman with her mother Mincoleitha Fernandez  
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Jules, 25/10/2004 22:34:38   
Good to see you girls on the site and looking great if I may say so -!!!Angela not many weeks to go before baby now...
Brian Latchman, 30/10/2004 20:34:07   
Its due on the 20th of Nov. The pool will be here soon!!
Mikey V, 30/10/2004 23:18:43   
Another one?
Jules, 31/10/2004 17:14:23   
Remember it's for your wife not you Brian!!!! Sounds like you are relaxed and ready for the event!!!!Thinking of you both.
Judy, 01/11/2004 17:06:49   
Aim for the 19th (Sam's birthday).
Natalie Compton, 05/11/2004 20:27:41   
I'm sooo jealous of u'r big belly Angie. When will it be me????? Miss ya!
Angela, 19/11/2004 16:41:50   
Well guys it's the 19th now. No baby yet- due tomorrow! Brian is convinced that it will take after me and be late, not very reassuring. Will keep you all informed.
Mikey V, 21/11/2004 02:23:20   
Jules, 22/11/2004 18:20:32   
Hurry up baby!!!!Any news yet?!!!!!!
sim, 23/11/2004 09:13:37   
Angie has a reputation of being late, looks like we wil have to get used to another member of the family keeping their own time!!!
THE KING, 23/11/2004 19:38:18   
I require news on my the baby. Is it here yet??
Mikey V, 23/11/2004 19:38:34   
I cant take it any longer...
Brian Latchman, 24/11/2004 14:42:18   
No, maybe the weekend but who knows?