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Album - The rest of the world

Uploaded by:James V on 12/02/2005 20:15:47  
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Roymurphy, 13/02/2005 00:51:23   
An excellent photo of a lovely Couple!Dave and Scill Veira,it was taken outside my Home in Pickering, Ontario,the year was 1990.It's nice to have them on the site,God bless you both,Roy.
Rosey, 28/03/2005 22:42:43   
Thanks Roy. They are surely a wonderful couple.Andrew has some to upload but he can't make up his mind to do it as yet. Anyway i'll get behind him to have done.
Roymurphy, 20/06/2005 01:32:12   
HI Rosey,It's nice to hear from you,what happened to those photos that your son was going to upload? It would be nice to see them.I tried to get in touch with Merlene,but I was unsuccessful,I'ill try again later.Love to all,God bless.
Uncle Johnny, 21/07/2008 23:24:11   
My dearest Brother and sister, how I love you both! I ma just seeing your pics for the first time. I thank God for you both. Lots of love from your brother Jonathan