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Album - The rest of the world

Alex and Ryan Murphy  
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Jules, 20/12/2004 11:19:11   
These sweet children are your grand children Roy? Hope I got that right.
Luann, 20/12/2004 15:00:13   
Cute kids!
Roy, 21/12/2004 02:53:12   
Yes Jules they're two of my six Grand Children,they're Ron and Cathy's Children. Alex is eight and Ryan-Nathaniel is two.There are two more in the photo beside them.
Roy, 21/12/2004 02:58:26   
Thanks Luann,I have to agree with you,they are cute as a button!And their Papa loves them very much,and he's proud to be their Papa.
Luann, 21/12/2004 14:45:54   
Roy, you will have to put more photos up of the other Grand Children.
Roy, 22/12/2004 03:00:11   
Luann,We're having Christmas at our Home this year,and with at least one new digital camera under the Tree,there should be a few good photos worthy of posting on the board.MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE.
Luann, 22/12/2004 14:51:43   
Merry Christmas!Happy Boxing Day!I must say I really miss that holiday! I still try to celebrate it in my own special way.
Roy, 23/12/2004 02:02:23   
Perhaps we could celebrate it,with a little extra Worship to the "THE LORD JESUS CHRIST",who left his Glorious Throne to come down and die for us,we should be very Thankful for all that he's done for us.Remember "JESUS" is the reason for the Season!God Bless.
Luann, 23/12/2004 17:25:50   
He is indeed!
Luann, 23/12/2004 17:26:40   
I know I am truly thankful for his many blessings!
Roy, 24/12/2004 01:58:14   
It's nice to hear a young Lady's Testimony, often we're too busy to count our Blessings,which sometimes rob us of some of the JOY the LORD has in store for us.Keep looking up Cousin,try to Honour HIM in your life.Have a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year,GOD Bless you all.
Luann , 27/12/2004 15:57:56   
Roy, hope you all had a very nice Christmas! A very happy, healthy & blessed 2005 to you and the entire family! Love Andrew & Luann xoxo
Roy, 28/12/2004 01:47:28   
Thanks Luann,We had a wonderful Christmas,lots of Turkey,cranberry sauce and all the fixings.It was a lot of work for Lucy but I pitched-in and we got it done,with a helping hand from our Daughter and Daughters-in-Law.We also had a white Christmas!A Happy and Healthy New year to you and Andrew,God Bless!Love Lucy and Roy.
Luann, 28/12/2004 14:54:42   
Roy,I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas .And a white one too!I spoke with my cousin yesterday in Toronto and she said it felt like -21 with the wind!We had a high of about 68:) We truly did have a wonderful Christmas also.Lots of turkey,cranberry and all the fixings too!We had a great day at home and then later in the evening we went to the Veiras' in Port St Lucie where we had dessert and played games. We played in teams ,the men against the women. The men won,only because us women were out numbered!:)This Christmas was extra special for Andrew & I because we had our niece, Shannon from St.Vincent spending the holidays with us. Once again a very Happy & blessed new year to you all.Love Andrew & Luann
Roy, 29/12/2004 05:24:26   
Luann, I always enjoy hearing from you,glad you had a good Christmas,with all the fixings.Hope your neice is enjoying Florida.Lucy and I were at Disney World in 2000,we had a blast, we were there for a week.Have a wonderful New Year(2005)Blessings upon you all,love to all,Roy.
Luann, 29/12/2004 14:08:10   
Roy, too bad we didn't know of each other back in 2000...I live just under 3 hours from Disney.No matter how many times I go to Disney, I always have a blast everytime.Shannon is enjoying Florida as always.She has been coming here since she was 11 and she is now 15.God richly bless you all!
Roy, 29/12/2004 22:50:02   
Luann,nice to hear from you again,My Wife Lucy would like to take another trip to Disney World,but she doesn't want to fly.I don't want to drive that distant, but we will see when the time comes.Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year,Love to all.