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Album - USA

Uploaded by:Mikey V on 30/08/2005 21:04:26  
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pops, 30/08/2005 22:45:52   
Ah!! how beautiful to see roses in full bloom a real delight to see nature and human beauty in such perfect harmony!!!!!
Mikey V, 31/08/2005 21:33:17   
The culmination of many years of being well taken care of makes things so beautiful, as witnessed by this two fold example.
pops, 02/09/2005 19:28:10   
Mickey, what a lovely turn of phrase!!! have you been practicing? i could not have put it any better and i hope it is all appreciated.
Roymurphy, 05/09/2005 03:09:48   
I appreciate this incredible photographic shot of two lovely Roses!But may I ask the name of the Human Rose?
Jules, 05/09/2005 22:51:58   
You may indeed Roy, If I may be permitted, this is Sara, daughter of my cousin Celia.
Roymurphy, 06/09/2005 03:02:52   
Thank you Jules!! So if my calculation is right,that makes Her my Cousin, four times removed(so to speak).I'm pleased to make your aquaintence, Sara,(er Rose).