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Album - Saint Vincent

Uploaded by:popsy on 06/11/2005 20:25:29  
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priceless, 06/11/2005 20:51:32   
Sim, where did you dig this one from?? I like it!! Here are Felix(Doc)and Erlin Veira children. L-R Jean, Ann, Pearl and Conrad, how I wish we could look that young again. Sim, what year was this?
pops, 06/11/2005 21:33:33   
Priceless, i love this photo!!! but i have tried so many times to get it to look good, but this the best i can do!!!! I shall have to check the correct date, but i have a feeling that it was 1984, you all look so beautiful!! as ever and i now see why i fell in love with you all, but that is not quite the whole truth, your family have always made me welcome and embraced me in love and affection every time i am around you and that si true to this day!!!!, May you be lessed in every way.
Roymurphy, 07/11/2005 00:20:22   
Sim,a beautiful Family indeed!!! Priceless,you look stunning in this photo, along with your Sisters,you must have been a "Head Turner"!! Don't you sometimes wish that youth would remain unchanged? Alas that's the way The Creator designed it.God's Blessings be upon you all.
priceless, 07/11/2005 17:16:10   
Sim and Roy, thanks for the lovely comments. The year could be right Sim. Yes Roy, we were designed to age,but I'll anything in my power to make it a graceful process. Take care guys and God Bless!!!