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Album - James' Family

Uploaded by:pops on 22/02/2009 08:47:39  
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see this user's family tree entry pops, 22/02/2009 08:48:33   
These are my two little friends.
Roymurphy, 23/02/2009 02:57:54   
Hi Pops, I have to agree with your assessment. They're growing-up pretty fast, or should that read, pretty and fast? Hi Girls, you both look lovely. Cousin Roy.
Jules, 26/02/2009 06:56:11   
I agree Roy and Pops! What a lovely photo of my two neices Beth and Naomi love from Aunty Julie xxx
naomi, 09/05/2009 15:03:27   
when was that photo taken?
see this user's family tree entry pops, 09/05/2009 20:52:26   
It was taken when you came down in February to visit your lovely (grey haired) Pops.
Rosey, 11/05/2009 19:57:02   
naomi, 08/07/2009 17:34:46   
oh year
Beth, 14/01/2011 16:39:37   
I remember taking that photo