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Album - The rest of the world

Uploaded by:Roymurphy on 16/01/2009 05:08:54  
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Roymurphy, 16/01/2009 05:15:21   
Brad and Lucinda Mussell with their children,ten year old Emily and seven year old Joshua.A lovely Family indeed.
see this user's family tree entry pops, 18/01/2009 20:08:37   
I say, it's lovely to see how children grow, i remember Emily when i visited as a shy and quiet little girl and i am sure it was because a stranger was around at the time!!! lovely to see such happy smiling faces.
Roymurphy, 19/01/2009 15:26:43   
Hi Sim,perhaps I'm bias but I will say a hearty amen to your comments.Emily will be Eleven in three months.Time really flies,doesn't it?Perhaps it's time for another visit to The Great White North?