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Album - James' Family

My best side  
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Joseph V, sometime before march 2003   
Ah know yuh gonna dig this.
Julie and Ewan, sometime before march 2003   
Your nephew wanted to know what you were doing........
James, 31/03/2003 14:02:28   
You're a mum - make something up!
sim , 02/04/2003 23:34:37   
Caught picking his nose?
Joseph V, 08/04/2003 21:18:34   
Sim, I said DIG not pick.
Angela and Naomi, 19/11/2004 16:49:55   
James, I am quite disturbed that my daugter keeps requesting to see this picture over and again!
james, 25/11/2004 10:16:22   
Amazing how children recognize natural beauty.
Rach , 30/11/2004 21:29:50   
Bro, you sho is HAIRY!
Jules, 07/12/2004 13:50:50   
Rhona just requested this pic.
Robert Veira, 13/12/2004 03:32:22   
Mikey V, 21/12/2004 01:40:07   
pops, 22/12/2004 17:20:03   
Brave Rhona!! i get nightmares just thinking about this picture!!.aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
naomi, 09/05/2009 15:50:01   
really popsy,thats strange,seeing as i find it rather funny
Beth, 08/02/2012 17:37:23   
veree funee and nis says ruth. in case you cant read this it says very funny and nice
Mikey V, 14/09/2017 16:30:26   
The family resemblance is amazing...